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Staying Safe with a Health Inspection Checklist

Health Safety Checklist - Fluix
In these difficult times - many of us don’t have the option to work remotely and we need to continue to work as usual at the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. All of us have been impacted by COVID-19 and this has dramatically accelerated our efforts to implement measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our people.
We have had to implement processes and procedures for those workers with an increased risk of exposure that interact daily with others. Fortunately, with comprehensive screening and thorough documentation, your business can closely monitor and more effectively mitigate your staff’s risk of COVID-19 exposure.

For this reason, we’ve created a free, downloadable Health Inspection Checklist PDF, which can be easily customized within the Fluix Template Editor. We recommend using the following features to get the most of your digital form and instantly track results and route them to the necessary personnel.

Download Health Inspection Checklist

Fluix Template Editor

Fluix Template Editor
Drop Downs

Allow mobile form users to easily select their job position, job site location, or symptoms, via customizable Drop Downs.

Date and Time Fields

Configure forms to automatically record the date and time a Health Assessment form is generated.

Required fields
Required Fields

You can ensure critical fields within your Health Inspection Checklist are completed prior to submission. Your required fields can even be made dynamic, and only made required in response to data inputted. If a user were to check a box showing they have high temperature, an additional Text field prompting users to disclose coworkers they have interacted with can then be made both visible and required.

Checkbox Groups

With Checkbox Groups staff members can quickly note the presence of specific symptoms. When paired with Conditional Logic and calculations, users can even be presented with additional instructions in response to a completed checkbox. For example, if a user were to check a box signifying they are experiencing shortness of breath, your digital Health Inspection Checklist could then present them with instructions to consult their doctor or return home.

Your digital Health Inspection Checklist could also be configured to route a copy of the completed form to the employee’s supervisor and or HR if specific Checkboxes have been selected, ensuring administration is aware and acting upon if any employee is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Conditional Logic

Your forms can be equipped with calculations, prompting fields to change their appearance and behavior in response to input data. For example, if a specific symptom is selected, that field could turn red, highlighting the field for management to review.

Table Fields

Organize your health inspection questions and answers in clear, customizable table field rows. Each column of your Table field can be enabled with a variety of field types, like Drop Downs, Number fields, Text fields, and more - enabling quick and error free data entry

Signature Fields

Using digital signature fields, employees completing the digital Health Inspection Checklist can easily input their signature to show that all input information accurately reflects their current symptoms.

Automated Form Routing

Using workflow automation, completed forms can be instantly emailed to supervisors, labelled with a user’s name or department, or even uploaded to a connected application.